Amber Clark

Medical Asssistant

Our obstacles as job seekers.

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My blog is mostly about trying to connect people with the industry I will potentially work for. This week I will be speaking in terms of us instead of me.  Many people right now struggle with unemployment. Unemployment is not only a financial burden, but also a confidence crusher.  Whether its family issues, medical issues or just not getting a break, everybody realistically goes through obstacles when seeking a good career. Each one of us being job seekers should remain positive and keep trying. Its not until we give up that we fail. My blog is dedicated to advancing careers, and beginning them. Always be open to improve yourself. Set goals, and then set goals even higher than that. If you achieve these career goals and surprise even yourself, imagine what future employers will see. My words this week are words of encouragement and understanding. Everyone struggles, only those who have the drive will succeed. When you interview with potential employers act as though the interview is the most important one you’ll ever have. If you go in over prepared, and confident you may just surprise the employer and yourself.


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